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In 2016 our neighbors experienced a traumatic armed robbery at their home as they were getting home from a dinner out, with 2 young children. The gunmen had been waiting for them in their yard for a few hours, while we were hosting our baby’s first birthday party. As the horrific robbery commenced, our PTZ camera picked up the motion (and gunshot noise) and immediately started to record what it could from their drive way and house entrance. This footage then became extremely valuable to the police during their investigation.

This left the entire neighborhood extremely unsettled and fearful. How can we make ourselves safer? Answer: wireless IP camera solutions to give you an early warning system and to monitor your home in HD, via an app.

With over 20 years in the electronics and telecommunications industry, we have spent 2 years researching and testing the best value for money in the IP camera space. I’m glad to say, we have finally got it! Our wireless IP indoor & outdoor camera solution offering far exceeds competitors and we have made sure they are affordable.

To provide IP Camera Solutions to every household and business

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